You Can Play, Too

I don't know about your town, but Portland is staggering around in a self-congratulatory stupor over Obama's election. Yeah, yeah, we voted for him, too. We're happy. Whatever.

In other news, it's darker outside. This is partly due to the latitude, and partly due to the recent time change. One thing that happens when it is dark out is that it becomes easier to play one of Jesse's and my favorite new-ish pastimes: Geriatric Bingo.

When we look out our window, or sit on our porch, we mainly see other people's windows. Beyond the neighbors across our courtyard who live in our own building, there is a much taller building across the street, which is a retirement home. We are able to see the top 8 floors, and each floor has 6 windows across, of varying shapes and sizes. We made a chart on graph paper (A-F = horizontal, 1-8 = vertical) and started crossing off boxes whenever we saw a person in a window. There are pretty clear rules: it has to be a human being (no cats), and you have to see the actual person, not just evidence that they were there (lights turning on or off, television flickering, etc.). When it is dark it is much easier to see people in lighted windows, though we have gotten a few in daylight hours.

Just before we went to Hawaii a few weeks ago we finally got one row completed (or maybe it was a diagonal?) but I haven't been able to find the 'playing board' since we got home. If you know where it is, let me know. We might just have to make a new one and start over.


Anonymous said…
Holy crap that's hilarious. The name, "Geriatric Bingo," alone made me chuckle before I even knew what it was.
Anonymous said…
Seriously? Every Christian friend I have went with McCain. Way to break the mold, Lex!
Taylor said…
Matt and I might have stolen the board as a souvenir. We were so proud to be there for that moment.
Unknown said…
Were you the ones setting off fireworks?
Anonymous said…
That is an absolutely fantastic game!

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