Extended Holiday

As you can tell from the pictures, yesterday was pretty fun. We slept in a little bit and enjoyed a leisurely morning before preparing for the afternoon festivities. About an hour before we left our apartment, I started the mashed-potato-making process and we started an episode of 24. Miraculously, having it on did not distract us too much from our duties and after mashing and mixing the potatoes, we scooped them into ziploc bags and placed them in a lunch cooler for safe transport.

The first 10 blocks of walking toward the bus stop was a little chilly, but the brisk pace and holiday spirit provided enough warmth. Then we realized we were cutting the timing too close and had to start running. For the last 4-5 blocks, Jesse ran ahead to try to catch the bus first. He got there just as it was about to pull away and stalled the driver just long enough for me to appear around the corner. It was harrowing, but thankfully the sprinting paid off and by the time we got to Tim and Sara's I'd pretty much stopped wheezing and sweating. (Of course Jesse wasn't even breathing hard - all that frisbee, I guess.)

Everyone brought different parts of the meal, and Jesse's mom read a poem to kick things off. After dinner, us youngsters had quite a bit of fun playing with Uncle Kurt's iPhone - taking pictures, adding our phone numbers/email addresses/titles [Her Royal Highness Sara Sery]/phonetic spellings [sah-raah]/personalized ring tones/etc.

We finished the night off by watching A Christmas Story with Jesse's dad and Sara, and today we drove up to Seattle to see my family. Tomorrow we'll do Thanksgiving dinner Part II at my mom's - it'll be good times again, for sure.

*Side note: Reader Matt Mikalatos asked why Jesse had to take all the pictures himself yesterday. Great question! There are several answers: 1) He likes to. 2) I lack the coordination and agility to take the self-picture successfully. 3) I was too busy tasting the hot buttered rum and conspiring with Sara to remember to take pictures of others. 4) I was saving my arm and fingers from unnecessary strain in order to best prepare for bowling today. I bowled three games, scoring an 85, a 78, and a 64 - in that order.


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