State Measures 54 Through 65

We just got back to Portland, and we spent the entirety of the drive down (as we did the drive up) reading through the voters' pamphlet trying to figure out how to vote on the various things we're supposed to be voting on.

It was overwhelming - and we didn't even get to any actual candidates! We both learned a bit more about one another's political viewpoints and thought processes, and talking through and debating the various issues provided some healthy mental exercise.

One thing that was fairly frustrating, though, was the sense that so many of the proposed measures seemed like they might be addressing an important aspect of government/civic society that needs to change, except they were too broad or too extreme or too conservative or too poorly worded (leading to misinterpretation) or what have you to actually get passed or be effective. It left me feeling like the whole big machine of politics is hopelessly complicated and inefficient and prevents nuanced and well-thought-through solutions or improvements from ever coming to pass.

That's overly cynical, I know, but the process did dampen my enthusiasm for becoming a more informed, vocal, and active citizen. Probably I'm just tired and spent too long in heels today.

Anyway, go out and get your vote on, everybody! It is your duty and your privilege.


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