The Ultimate Guide

We had this book when we were growing up and it was AMAZING. I have no idea what happened to it, but my sister and I still talk about it and how having it in hand actually made cleaning your room something to look forward to. My favorite part was this (pet?) frog that kept showing up in the kid's stuff, getting into various mishaps as he cleaned his room. It was appealing because it was definitely written from a kid's perspective, but also gave very clear, manageable directions for cleaning up even the most disastrous room. I would definitely give it 5 stars and hope to find a copy for my own kids someday.


Tim & Sara said…
forget our kids, we need to get this for Tim! he has recounted for me the results of his mother's requests for him to clean his room and the picture on this book is exactly what i've envisioned.
Jessica said…
Please get this. And then loan it to me. This "Kids' Survival Series" intrigues me... Here is the link to purchase: You're welcome : )

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