Jack Bauer has me in custody again. Last time I was at my mom's house I noticed the DVD set of the first season of 24 sitting innocently in my sister's room. Somehow, it hitched a ride back to Portland with us and I am reliving the angst-ridden addiction I experienced during team marathons of 24-watching in Croatia.

It is less powerful this time, but more painful. I feel very motivated to watch (at pretty much any given time), and was into the show before we even started in on Season 1 because I know I liked Seasons 4 and 5 so much. But Jesse's never watched it before and he's having a tough time catching the fever. He doesn't feel compelled to see more than one episode at a time. He can easily go days without an urge to catch another 42-minutes of visual cocaine. He calmly sits through plot changes, making casual guesses as to motives or storyline twists without any of the violent physical thrashing my body seems prone to - no racing pulse, no urgent grunting or sputtering in disbelief, no white-knuckled gripping of living room furniture with eyes half shut just to make it through a scene.

So it's really only less powerful because I haven't got a group of fellow addicts charging full speed ahead with me. Now I get safe, measured doses. But I guess it's all I can handle because I already WANT MORE. Sunny, Taylor, Allison, John, Andy: I would like nothing more than to reserve a nice, open slot of 18 consecutive hours in which to watch Season 2. Anybody in?


Ashley L. said…
If it weren't for a large ocean between myself and your living room, I would gladly join you and the Reijka Tigers in 18 hours of TV crack. Shame on Jesse for his apparently non-addictive personality.
Unknown said…
How do you plan on watching 24 hours of Jack's life in 18? That's amazing!
Alexis said…
Glad you asked! On DVD you get to skip the 'commercial breaks' i.e. bathroom time, sex, meals and (since JB doesn't really sleep) blinking/recharging moments.
Taylor said…
I'm SO in!
How many times was it 2am and someone would say "just one more..." ha ha ha.

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