More Than Words

Jesse and I are nearing the three-month mark of our marriage, and we've just been basking in blissful day after blissful day. While there's been nary a gray mood or hint of discontent, I have been struck with the difficulty of communication at times.

Exaggeration and joking aside, I think these 'slight communication difficulties' may seem more pronounced when they have arisen because of how well things have actually been going in our relationship.

It is surprising to find that even though we love one another deeply, genuinely like one another's personalities, and enjoy time spent together doing just about anything, we still manage to hurt one another. To miscommunicate. To become frustrated when the other doesn't understand the thing one is feeling (but hasn't said a word about).

Our times of reconciling have been important and instructive and sweet, but it is still painful to have to acknowledge failure. Failure to speak, failure to notice, failure to understand, failure to love and serve the other effectively even when putting forth an honest effort to do so.

If it is a challenge to love Jesse well, who I know and love the most, how will I love everyone else?


Anonymous said…
May I recommend two books, Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages and a book titled His Needs, Her Needs. Both excellent and great for learning effective communicating. They should be required reading for all newlyweds.
Unknown said…
Alexis and I don't read "books." Do you have any brief articles or cassette tapes?

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