Tag, I'm it.

Taylor tagged me on her blog a few days ago so now I am supposed to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself with all of you.

Here goes.

1) I love pretty much any and all medical-themed television shows.
2) The circulation in my fingers and toes is very deficient and when I get cold, several of my digits will often turn white or blue/gray.
3) One of my favorite foods is tuna noodle casserole.
4) I am virtually unable to go underwater without plugging my nose - I always get water up it when I try.
5) My mouth is unusually small and to avoid overcrowding I had 4 permanent teeth pulled when I was a child.
6) Every night when I take out my contacts I bend over (at roughly a 90 degree angle) to get really close (like 5-6 inches) to my contact case as I screw on the caps so I can see what I am doing clearly. I didn't realize I even did this until we got married - Jesse finds this endlessly entertaining.
7) I really do enjoy the music of Rod Stewart.


Kathryn said…
um...were we separated at birth? because I ALSO have horrendous circulation and not enough teeth!!!
Anonymous said…
i LOVE your new banner/billboard/title segment/whateves. BRILLIANT. And, secretly everyone really enjoys the music of Rod Stewart
Unknown said…
hee, hee, i can totally verify the inability to submerge without nose-plugging... remember diving one-handed while nose-plugging? too cute!

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