The Rest of the Weekend

On Friday, Jesse and I picked up the rental car first thing in the morning and headed north. Once in Seattle, we stopped and visited all of my grandparents, whom we hadn't seen since the wedding. During part of one visit, my elderly grandmother had a bit of a memory lapse and started describing our wedding to us as if it were someone else's and we had not been there. This was a bit awkward, but it seems she genuinely did enjoy it - and she wasn't just saying that because it was us...

On the way to my mom's house, my brother Tim called to let us know that Mork & Mindy was on the SciFi channel, so we made sure to check that out as soon as we got there. Tobin is too young to remember the show from when it originally ran, so we got to introduce him to it before he left for work.

Soon after, we met my dad and his wife at the bowling alley for some active family fun. We almost always go out to breakfast with them, so we decided to mix it up a little this time. After we bowled 3 games, my sister and her friend showed up, so we moved on to air hockey. An intense flurry of relay-style games just about did us in, but we topped everything off with a few rounds of pinball. Jesse and I headed back to my mom's to say hello to her as she got home from work, then drove out to my brother Tim's house in Monroe. It's a pretty nice place for a couple of bachelors, and we had fun hanging out with him before it was time to get to bed.

Saturday morning brought another session of cooking and general Thanksgiving prep. In the afternoon my mom's friend Maggie, Kerri's friend Mike, and our friend John came over for the meal. A few others cancelled at the last minute, but Sunny joined us after she got off work. After the food, we played some games and got to know one another better. Finally, people started to get tired and began to leave. Then the gunfight broke out, but more on that later.


John doesn't want to have any fun against his will.

The accusations flew during game time.

Oh, so popular.

Mike and Maggie enjoy some story time.

A few days ago, Tim had a cooking-related, shirt-on-fire accident and sustained some nasty 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his lower back, so my mom and Maggie (nurses) changed his dressing.

Tobin hiding behind an elaborate shield system during the shooting spree.

Mike and Jesse in action.

Last Christmas my mom bought a set of Nerf dart guns for us, and periodically we bring them out to let off steam. Last night things got crazier than ever before, and I'm working on piecing together some footage for a documentary tentatively titled The Guns of Thanksgiving.


Andy McCullough said…
Looks to me like Tim has 3rd degree burns on his upper back. You'd think two nurses would have noticed that.

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