Redemption was the title of the 2-hour 24 special on television tonight. I knew it was coming, and after last Wednesday's post, you should know that I wanted to watch it. But we don't have a TV, and Sunday nights are reserved for Ultimate Frisbee, so I just put it out of my mind.

Tonight at church, though, I was talking with a girl I just met a few weeks ago, reminding her that she and her husband were welcome to play Ultimate with us, when she explained they couldn't because they were hosting a 24-watching party. My eyes got big, and I think she could tell I was excited because she invited me to join them. I ran over to Jesse and begged him to let me go back on my promise to play tonight, falling to the floor and writhing around in a desperate attempt to demonstrate my deep-seated allegiance to Jack Bauer (and to helping Kiefer Sutherland's alcohol addiction recovery program through watching and supporting his work).

He let me ditch the disc game, and in the end it was probably better for everyone that way - I'm not exactly the best, or even the 10th best, player on the field. Plus I got to make some new friends. When I walked into their apartment, I saw a copy of Jayber Crow sitting on the coffee table (one of my fave books of all times), a computer exactly like mine sitting on a chair, and a couple of bikes hanging on racks on the wall. Talk about soulmates. We'll have to hang out with them again for sure. Yay for television!


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