It Left A Bruise

Last night I was talking on the phone and was also, as is often the case when I am on the phone, puttering around the house doing random stuff. My winter coat was out and it takes up a lot of space, so I decided to put it in the hall closet instead of in my room, because my closet is about 3'X3' and only the bare essentials will fit. As I reached to place the hanger on the rod, something went awry and I experienced - simultaneously - a loud clattering, a sharp blow to the top of my head, and a peculiar darkness. A large-ish, oblong bucket had fallen off the upper shelf (along with a few other items) and landed upside-down on top of me. I think the not being able to see was the thing that threw me off the most, right at first.

This particular container is made of metal, and painted in the style of an American flag. It was given to me as part of a truly amazing good-bye gift (it came FILLED with cds, notes, postcards, gift certificates, and other treats) from my friends when I moved away from my home of 3 years in Richmond, VA. Aptly named the 'Keep-America-Rolling* Bin', it was a prime companion on the road trip back up to the Northwest.

*This was less than one year post-9/11 and everything from cell phone covers to toilet paper seemed to have a patriotic theme, encouraging you, personally, to play your part in healing the nation's wounds by fueling the economy and maintaining a Soaring Eagle Spirit, with an optional side of yellow ribbon fever.


Tim & Sara said…
That is the best mental image I have had all year.
Krista said…
I feel obligated to leave comments about how you should call me. I know it's not part of your job anymore, but it's a habit I don't want to break.
Anonymous said…
hahaha. Funny you should mention the ribbon thing. Kaliene and I just had a lengthy discussion regarding the ribbon explosion as of late.

p.s. i also appreciate your references to me in some of your previous posts. first step to becoming famous!
Andy McCullough said…
You never said but did someone position the bucket like a trick to fall when your opened the door? Reminds me of the time I actually stepped on a rack and the handle hit me in the head like SideShow Bob.
Anonymous said…
that's awesome - i agree with tim & sara, that's a pretty great mental image.

and andy - did you step on a rack or a rake? ;)

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