This afternoon my brother met me at work after taking a bus down from Bellingham, where he goes to school. We rode a different bus back home after I finished my duties for the day, and my sister Kerri picked us up at the closest 7-11 convenience store. The Josh Groban Christmas album was blasting at a volume prohibitive to conversation, but we tried anyway. Her hair was piled high in a messy bun/ponytail on the very top of her head, and I can't really describe her outfit, other than to say it was quite casual. She looked radiant and invigorated, so we asked, "Have you been cleaning or working out or something?"
"Oh no, I've been resting." And she said it all long and drawn out, relishing every phoneme. "Isn't this album just heavenly?!"

Our dog Sunny - whom Kerri had brought back with her from Spokane - was waiting at home to greet us, and mom was making soup in the kitchen. We got plates, utensils, etc. set out and began a nice family dinner. Things took an interesting(?) turn when my brother announced a new way he'd found to make money, which he is apparently considering (awkward): sperm donation. Apparently it's $200 a visit. "And you know how often you can go? Every 2 days!" Please, just stop talking. Now.

On an entirely different note, I saw that Francine (who is, incidentally, an excellent writer) had an essay published. I am at once quite jealous and very happy for her. Congratulations!


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