Not Quite Up To Speed

I am tired...of feeling tired. Sometimes it feels warranted, but so often it doesn't. Ever since I got back home from Croatia I've felt pretty low-energy, although I've had to push through it at times, and it's starting to get old. Part of it is probably due to a fundamental time-zone shift (which actually takes a while to fully get used to); then there's general life transition fatigue; and also working full time takes kind of a lot out of me. Maybe because the nature of what I do for work now is so different than the last two years.

Basically, I'm just frustrated. There are so many things I want to do. People I want to see. Emails and letters to write, and places to go, and drawers/suitcases/boxes to sort through, and job opportunities to explore, and phone calls to make. Right now I honestly feel like I could get up, go to work, get home, and basically read or watch tv and go straight to bed at around 8:00. And that's all. OR, I could not work, and just spend my days doing all that other stuff that I think about wanting to do while I am at work. But for some reason I think I can do both.

Maybe this is just part of being grown up: there's never enough time for all the things you want to do.

Both this week and last week I figured out transportation to get to my weekly bible study/church hangout group (it's a bit of a long trek) and got all ready, then at the last minute felt exhausted, gave up, and stayed home. That's not a pattern I want to get into. I mean, my mom and my cat are great company and all, but...seriously.

I'll definitely alert all of you at the very first hint of a sudden burst of energy. Right now I am going to sleep. Because I am so tired.


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