More From Last Night...

Kerri was telling us at dinner that her and her roommate were in class together and were learning about some graph called a leptokurtz (I don't think that spelling is right, this unhelpful definition of leptokurtic didn't get me too far). Anna, her roommate, passed her a note that said it sounded like a really bad STD which sent them both into giggling fits. As she relayed the story, we toyed around with it a little and assigned various meanings:

"Oh, you lecherous leptokurtz!"
"What is lecherous, again? Alexis, definition please."
"Lecher = dirty old man."

More conversation followed, but the high point was definitely when Tobin exclaimed, as Kerri slurped a spoonful of soup, "She's eating her leptokurds and whey!"

Sputtering followed.


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