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Once upon a time there was a girl named Alexis who lived her life under a single star. What the heck? Why would a girl focus all her attention on a single star? Well, it wasn't really about the star. It was more about the constellation it was in. Location, location, location. This particular constellation had a name which brought tears to her eyes. Hubert. Well that wasn't really the name of the constellation, but that was the name of the man who first showed it to her. Confused? Yeah, me too. But if you focus your attention on the stream of consciousness flowing from this blog you may discover truths which mankind has not yet appreciated.

Bear in mind that, though Hubert was not physically beautiful, his story was remarkable. He had one glass eye, a crooked nose, and amazingly silky blond hair. He had lost most of his motor skills - both gross and fine - in a freak fishing pole accident. Once Hubert realized that he could no longer engage in his favorite hobbies (model train building and playing jacks) he turned his attention to the heavens. As time progressed he made up his own names for all the stars and he began to see constellations which no one else had ever thought of. By the time he had become an old man he developed several stories based on the creatures in his constellations and the hero of these stories was a little girl which he named after his five year old neighbor, Alexis. He used to show Alexis his constellations every night and he promised her that someday they would come to life and reveal her destiny. The old man eventually died and Alexis was left with only his story to remember him by. As she grew up she suffered many of the hardships typical for a girl in her day and she often would stare at the constellation which the man had named after her, waiting for the day that it would stand up and reveal to her the purpose in life she longed to fulfill.

Then one day...


Unknown said…
This is brilliant. Find a publisher.

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