I went to bed about 20 minutes ago. It was good because I want to get up early tomorrow. But then, just moments before drifting off I remembered that I hadn't posted anything yet today. And for some reason, I made a stupid commitment (basically just to myself) to write something every day this month. Even if it's boring, even if it's pointless.

So here I am, wasting your time, just to get something up here so as not to let today be the day I fail to make it happen.

What to write, what to write... I had tomato soup for dinner. This morning I cleaned up cat barf for the 539th time - our cat has a lot of issues. Work was kind of lame today.

A little while ago I was on the phone and had to face my failures as a conversationalist, and now I feel the same way again. I am literally boring myself to the point of annoyance, so that must be a sign that it is time to stop. Very sorry you had to endure this. Let's hope I do better tomorrow.


Unknown said…
your only failure is in screening your calls effectively.

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