Family Ties

My sister has taken a keen interest in genealogy over the last week (in addition to the whole real estate thing). In the name of research, she’s called a few family members to gather some info, and has come up with some pretty interesting stuff. On one side of the family, the family (last) name was changed a few generations back when a man married a divorced woman and took her name instead of keeping his. On the other side, we come from Tennessee – a wild clan of gangsters with a taste for moonshine. One of her friends recently found out that she was 1/32 African-American. We could be too! Or Asian. Who knows what we’ll find out.

Because of the whole Tennessee thing, Kerri made me look up Tennessee Williams on the internet. But the fact that his first name is Tennessee has very little to do with the actual state, so that was pretty much a dead end. I’ll keep you posted, though.


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