Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Today started early when I dropped my mom off at work at 6:45 am. Then I stopped by the house again to pick up my sister so we could go run a few errands while taking advantage of most stores' special shopping hours today. We didn't really 'shop' (i.e. get anything new), we just made a few exchanges, and mainly took my computer and ipod in for consultation/repair. They fixed the ipod in about 5 minutes free of charge, which I was pretty excited about since it is close to 3 years old, and that's pretty old in electronics years.

Our cousin Kelsey met up with us and we walked around looking at things for a while before we decided we were done. During this time there was also some tomfoolery in the J. Crew dressing room as her and Kerri tried on matching full-body pajama onesies - complete with butt flap for easy bathroom access - and had me take pictures. Then we called my grandparents:
"What are you guys doing for lunch?"
"Ham and cheese sandwiches. Wanna come over?"

So we did. Meals there are always 1) fun and 2) unpredictable. We had a solid conversation that basically revolved entirely around farting, which, to be honest, is a little odd to be laughing raucously about with your grandparents. After that, Kerri, Kelsey, and I helped Grandma set up this Christmas snow village diorama thing on the kitchen counter (it has really evolved over the years, and is now kind of a production to put together). We broke a few things, so I was on glue/repair duty. The afternoon ended with a rousing game of Rummikub, then we headed home even though Grandma wanted us to stay for dinner.

While we were hanging out there I remembered something completely unrelated that happened a few years ago. My mom was going to a Christmas party for people she worked with, and it was held at this quaint little country-themed shopping center that apparently also had some rooms available to rent for events/parties. She saw a group of people through a window and assumed it was her work group, so she walked in the door with snacks and bottle of wine in hand. But it wasn't her friends from work, it was an AA meeting. Oops. She left and went to the next room over.


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