Things that have been said...

“Can you be sure to take my picture at some point today? As long as I’m looking decent for this funeral, I’d like to get something I can use for online dating.”

“As a father, I don’t think I could support my son becoming a professional figure skater.”

"...But before I can start my rock band, I really need to read some Nietzsche.”

“I don’t think I could marry a woman who looked like an ugly man.”

“When he whipped out the chapstick, I knew he was gonna go in for the kiss. I didn’t really like him all that much, but, I mean, we were on the ferris wheel looking out over Paris, and you can’t beat that for a first kiss, so I was okay with it.”

All but the last of these were said directly to me or to a group I was part of...


Tim & Sara said…
My husband certainly made the figure skater comment. Was that him you were quoting or is there more than one man in the world that feels that way?

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