Grace, Athleticism, Wit.

A few years ago my sister and I went rollerblading together. It was a beautiful late spring/early summer afternoon - perfect for getting out there on the trail. We were not strangers to the wheeled boots, but neither were (are) we particularly agile or confident when attempting more challenging terrain or maneuvers. This actually worked out fairly well for both us and our fellow trail-goers. We weren't speed demons terrorizing the masses, and it really didn't take much for us to get a real thrill - you know, that adventurous, living-on-the-edge feeling.

During our outing, we happened upon a small hill. It sloped gently, and at length, and eventually evened out to flatter ground without any significant obstacles. We decided to give it a go. I honestly can't remember whether I rode the whole thing out, or bailed partway and skidded out on the grass. My sister, however, built up some strong speed and momentum, and determined that her only chance for survival rested in a trailside lamppost a few yards ahead. She lunged for the iron column and grasped it firmly with her hands. The velocity of her body, combined with the centripetal force created by her arms, caused her to spin around the pole with a surprising beauty and fury. After this spectacular show of acrobatic ability, she slowly melted to the ground. Both of us were still speechless when, seconds later, a passing jogger called out, "The Russian judge gives you a 6!" It could not have been more perfect.


Anonymous said…
That, plain and simple, is awesome.

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