Bless You!

Tonight I had the privilege of seeing a friend from Rijeka who is in town. Sunny and I met up with Andrej and a couple he met earlier today. Andrej is a dreamer, a revolutionary with a lot of vision, passion, and perseverance, and he's also a very talented musician. It would have been so nice to see his wife and kids as well, but they didn't join him on this trip. We ate Mexican food and talked about missions and ideas and The State of Things in Croatia.

The wife of the couple sneezed a few times over the course of the evening, and after the second or third time, Andrej declared (clearly referring to her sneeze), "A hiccup [sic] is like a guitar solo: you can feel it coming on but you cannot do anything about it!!" This was accompanied by a vivid pantomime of a seemingly inevitable and irresistible guitar solo overtaking him.


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