It's Hard To Believe That December Starts In 5 Hours

Weird, huh?

In some random wanderings I came across this blog by a woman who rescued a 10-day-old coyote and posts photos of him growing up every day. It's really interesting, and he is super cute. I recommend scrolling all the way to the end and working backwards.

Then I looked to find out more about the author and she has this other blog about a trip across the U.S. on a Vespa. How awesome is that?

I really liked this paragraph that she wrote:

Where The Lessons Are
Adversity is a teenager with studded lips and lobes and a sullen expression. If you turn your back or say cruel things, it will glare at you in return and be none the worse off; it expected such behaviour, anyway. It comes to you on the defensive, but comes to you nonetheless. And if you are not intimidated or disapproving; if you are not judgmental of an exterior you may consider harsh, and instead, relate to it in respect, you’ll find a liveliness and a brilliance, a purity, a revelation, a gift.


Krista said…
Hey-I'm in Croatia and I thought I should say hello, I'm thinking of you. I haven't really left Kevin & Kristi's apartment yet, so I can't say that I've experienced Croatia yet. The people on our plane seemed VERY friendly. That's about all I've observed.
Anonymous said…
just because november is over and your stint with blogging every day is finished doesn't mean you quit completely.
Anonymous said…
i miss you.
Matt Mikalatos said…
Hard to believe that January starts in five days.

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