Two More Days...

...left in this rocky roller-coaster of a month.

A death that has been looming in my boss's family finally came last night.

It was a chaotic day at work, in many ways, for many reasons. Extremely rude clients, miscommunication on many levels, chefs and staff members dropping like flies, and the arctic climate in the office didn't help much.

No, I'm not talking about cold shoulders and icy stares. I'm talking about literally wearing a winter coat ALL DAY because it was so outrageously cold. It's been pretty cold for the last month or so, and we called the landlord to come help us figure out the thermostat. Today some guys finally came and confirmed that it was all jacked up, and said they readjusted everything and would be back in a week to make sure it worked. Hours later we realized the one room in the building that used to be warm was cold, and that frozen air was blasting into the kitchen. I called again and the lady assured me she'd send them back again, hopefully today. They never came. Instead we sat there type-type-typing away with frigid fingers and rage in our hearts.

More stuff happened but I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow so I'm going to bed.

***Also, a word to the wise:***
I DO NOT recommend ever watching the television program titled 'Inside the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic.' Especially while eating dinner.
***End Cautionary Public Service Announcement***


Anonymous said…
oh man my mom had that show on the other day. it's horrifically fascinating though - one of those things where you can't help but peer through your fingers as you attempt to hide your eyes behind your hands.
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh. I LOVE that a strange way. I turned it on when I was at Tom's place. I was fascinated, then he came back into the room, sat down and humored me by watching for a few minutes. Then in a nonchalant, easy, sincere tone he asked if I liked football; I replied yes as he slipped the remote out of my hands and changed it to ESPN...I haven't seen anything about the show since...I'm feeling empty inside.

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