Feeling Lazy

Today's post will take the form of a bullet-point list:

• My cousin Maria is pretty awesome. I attended her birthday dinner tonight and she had us all laughing pretty hard. She’s really into Hannah Montana these days. Which leads me to…
• Hannah Montana. What is up with all of that (show, CDs, movies, books, dress-up kits, etc.)?
• I went to my first Husky football game on Saturday. It was fun and I learned a lot about the game – plus they played well and won (only the 4th win of the season…).
• Arcade Fire puts on a very energetic live show. I saw them at the Sasquatch festival about 2.5 years ago – it was pure craziness. Then I watched them on Austin City Limits last night and was once again impressed by their general vigor. I think the quality/precision of the music suffered a little, but that’s what studio-recorded CDs are for, I guess.
• Thanksgiving is only days away! Where has the time gone? I am excited because I’ve been away for Thanksgiving and Christmas the past two years, and they are pretty important times to be together in my family, so it will be really nice to be here this time around.
• I’ve tried to learn how to play the guitar about 5 different times and keep neglecting it and having to re-learn everything. This week I am once again re-doubling my efforts and diving in full (or at least ½-¾) force.
• Our house smells like mildew and mustiness because of the wet carpets downstairs. Does this kind of thing go away, or are the carpets doomed?


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