From Now On Saturdays Will Be Special

I find it hard to believe that I never really knew what Austin City Limits was all about, or that I never watched it on TV. But now I know, and Saturday nights will never be the same. Tonight was supposed to be Arcade Fire (which would have been the most awesome) but instead it was Wilco, and I was not disappointed. Viva la Austin!


Anonymous said…
Oh, sweet glory, you'd never seen it before?

Thank heavens you've reconciled that. Now you have to seek out the episode where Sufjan Stevens played, and the other one where the first half was The Flaming Lips, and the second half was Beck - with The Flaming Lips as his band!
Tomye said…
I totally miss watching Austin City Limits! I have no idea where to find it on tv here, but when I lived in Seattle my dad and I watched it (or taped it and watched it later) every week.

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