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Literature: What Is The What, by Dave Eggers
This is a beautiful book - though difficult and heartbreaking to read at times. I started it during our honeymoon, then abandoned it for a while, now I'm back at it. I recommend it to just about anyone.

Music: Fleet Foxes
These guys have been around for a little while and several people recommended that I give them a listen, finally in September I did. And I have to say it's the most addictive new album I've heard in the last 2-3 years. You might not adore them as much as I, but it's worth a try at the very least.

Cinema: Casablanca
A few days ago I watched the old classic for the very first time. It's fantastic! And I am not a big fan of black and white movies, or old films in general.

Cuisine: Mint Tea, Oatmeal
Not terribly exciting, I know, but still very satisfying on cold, wet, fall mornings.

Entertainment: 24 (Season 1); The Office (Season 2)
We're borrowing these from people and working our way through. For not owning a television, we sure do get our mindless passive activity in.

History: Armistice Day/Veterans Day
This year I learned more than I ever knew before about this international holiday, thanks to Jesse.

News & Media: The New York Times; The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
Jesse just found out that he can pick up free copies of The Oregonian and the NY Times at school - now I can start being informed again.
Also, the fitness room in our building has a television, so when there's nobody down there sometimes we go watch things. One time about a month ago we went down the night after one of the presidential debates to see the treatment Jon Stewart and Colbert would give it. We were armed with Triscuits, cheese, and PBRs. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after we settled in - I on the floor, Jesse on the weight bench - someone came in to actually exercise (the nerve!), so we left.


shelleycoughlin said…
You go to the gym to watch TV? That's kind of... awesome.

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