Okay, I Think I Can Agree To That

I know I tantalized you all earlier with the promise that I'd be making a pregnancy announcement this month, and you'll all have to wait a bit longer but I must assure you now that I, personally, AM NOT expecting a child. Even so, Jesse and I have been talking a lot recently about baby names.
Here's part of our conversation from tonight:

Jesse: How about something historical - Martin Luther King Jr. Putnam?

Me: Or Vladimir Putin Putnam, or Kofi Annan Putnam?

Jesse: Who was that guy I wrote that paper about...(thinking)... Oh yeah, W.E.B. DuBois. W.E.B. DuBois Putnam. Webby, for short. What kind of name would give you 'Webby' for a nickname?

Me: Webster.

Jesse: WEBSTER!! (Eyes are lit up with excitement) It's such a great name, but people haven't been using it - probably because of that TV show (Diff'rent Strokes).


Then, dead serious:

Jesse: But if we do have a midget, we HAVE to name it Webster!


Taylor said…
LOL. I love you guys!
Matt Mikalatos said…
I know you guys are new to the whole marriage thing, so here's some advice:

All babies are born as midgets.

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