Do any of you watch Glee? I'll admit some of the character development and plot lines have been highly suspect, and I'll also admit I've watched every episode and don't plan on stopping any time soon. I think it's the singing and dancing that get me. And Sue.

Last week focused in on Artie - a wheelchair bound character for those who don't know - and all the kids in the glee club had to spend some time in wheelchairs so they could empathize with him better. They even did a song/dance, all in wheelchairs.
Jesse and I have also had the opportunity to become a bit more familiar with this form of mobility. For me it was during labor and recovery after Miette was born. For Jesse... well, it was a few months earlier.


This was the night our nephew was born. We spent a lot of hours in the hospital. I'm fairly certain our friend Brian won the race to the end of the hallway and back (on two wheels the whole time, mind you), but they both performed well.

Here's some raw footage:


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