Mid-Week Update

Item #1: We went back to the doctor today and Miette is doing well and gaining weight. Woohoo!

Item #2: We are moving in with Sara and Tim in a month and a half. That means one more month of trotting around the Pearl District like crazy yuppies. One more month of laundry in the basement. One more month of our beloved neighbor Murray plugging away at his piano scales and vocal warm-ups; and turning the bass waaaaay up during his Mariah Carey/Michael Jackson/country/oldies/adult contemporary/you-name-it jam sessions.

Item #3: We're having a sleepover at the new house with Sara tonight! Her and Tim and Calvin are already moved in and loving it.

Item #4: Sara and I are planning to drop some new blog awesomeness on the world centered around our multi-family living adventure at the turn of the new year. Prepare yourselves!


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