Last Day in November

We made it! Congratulations.

During all of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities, I was reminded of many things that I am thankful for right now. One of the main things is so constant and obvious I am afraid I might take it for granted at times: the incredible help and support Jesse and both of our families have provided over the past few months (and before that).

Even with the distance, my mom has been a continual source of emotional support to me, and has come down quite often to cook, clean, watch the baby, etc. Jesse's parents have also been there to babysit, provide dinner, and drive us around countless times. And that's not to discount the help that Kerri, Sara, my dad, and others have offered, as well.

All that said, the one who's been through it all with me is Jesse. On Saturday night as he was leaving I panicked a little, wondering how I'd get Miette to sleep without him. Earlier that day I had poked my head around the corner to see him in the living room with her, doing push-ups over her little body, kissing her cheek every time he bent his arms. After that ceased to entertain her, he started dancing to the Christmas music, putting on a show just for her. He has dozens of other tricks to keep her happy, and sometimes it seems he's the only one who can soothe her. Thankfully my mom and I have fared alright these last few nights and hopefully Jesse's catching up on sleep.

I'm just really grateful that he has turned out to be such a fantastic father, and willing to enter into all the boring, gross, frustrating parts of parenthood right along with me - sometimes taking the lead, sometimes just supporting me in whatever way I need him to.

Thank you, Jesse! I luh you.


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