A Case of the Mondays?

We had a nice family home evening tonight. After I got home from Miette's doctor appointment, we walked to the optometrist's office to pick up my new glasses (yay!) then over to a place called the Lucky Labrador for some pizza and a game of darts. I suck at darts, apparently, but it was still fun.

These days Jesse and I are both pretty tired. I can't wait to go to bed and yet have come to dread night time. Miette has become more and more prone to night shenanigans lately, and it is a killer.
I still have fun with her and she has been especially cute lately with lots of smiles, and recently more giggling and lots of 'talking.'

But. But this little girl is sure difficult sometimes. The first 6 weeks or so, she was such a mellow, easy baby. Then when we started having the acid reflux/eating/weight gain/milk supply issues, I was convinced that we were just around the corner from solving everything. That once we sorted out whatever the main problem was, she would go back to her happy, simple self. I think I was wrong. She has a lot of opinions, it turns out, and a lot of personality. A personality best referred to as Fussypants McGee.

Some neat little quirks about our baby girl:
  • She is happiest held up in the air above your head - a tiny bit of jiggling is nice, if you don't mind.
  • The changing table is one of her favorite places of all time.
  • Fishville (a game on Facebook) is another favorite thing.
  • Chewing on her hands is a frequent fun trick.
  • Bath time is a horror-fest any way you slice it. It's the sensation of the water that she finds displeasing.
  • She always kicks off socks, and often kicks off pants if she can manage it.
  • Tummy time is cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Nursing is alright for recreation, but you can plan on warming a bottle up, too. (The sound of pyrex hitting the turntable and the microwave turning on quiets her down immediately).
  • A great time for playing, talking, whining, crying, occasionally eating, and being awake for record lengths of time turns out to be between 12:30 and 6:00 am. Who knew? Please don't swaddle her, or generally try to shush, soothe, or lull her to sleep. It makes her angry.

I'm sure this list will change often and dramatically with time. It's fun seeing her turn into her own little person and start to interact with her environment in so many ways. And I love that I am finally in this place in life that I wanted so badly at times in the past. But in many ways I am still coming to terms with the work, sacrifice, effort, stamina, and grace that being a parent is going to require. The fatigue, frustration, worry, dirty diapers, rashes, laundry, doctor appointments, medicine administration, bottle filling, bottle washing, spit-up catching and wiping, nail clipping, rocking, soothing, holding, walking and on and on have only just begun. My perspective has been totally dismantled and is under construction. I really don't know what the end result will be, but from what I can tell, efficiency and productivity are being partially replaced/ totally redefined, and more space will have to be made for nurturing, patience, kindness, serving and humility. And sleep. Please more sleep.


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