My insurance coverage through work is going to end soon, so earlier this week I made appointments with the eye doctor and dentist. Today was the eye appointment (the dreaded dentist trip is next week - stay tuned). I forgot about the whole eye dilation thing and wasn't really prepared for it. It's kind of weird and annoying and uncomfortable. But you know what? It is way, way better than having your cervix dilated. I'd never thought of it before today, and as the comparison sprang to mind I was very grateful to only be dealing with the former.

After the exam, I was directed to a waiting area before seeing the contact fitter guy. For those of you who don't know, I am blind as a bat. My contacts were still out, and the dilated pupil fuzziness was just icing on the cake. As I sat there waiting, the receptionist asked a few simple questions. Shortly after I gave her my birthdate, she said I was free to ask any questions I would like. I thanked her, then noticed some rapid movement like she was trying to motion with her hands. Then she added the crucial verbal cue and told me she was on the phone (wearing a headset) with someone else. And it was suddenly clear that she had been the whole time.


mumsy said…
so clear,so simple so stinking funny...thanks for this

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