This morning when the baby woke up I changed her diaper before feeding her. Her pajamas and onesie seemed a little damp and smelly so I put them in the hamper, only to realize there wasn't another sleeper handy that fit her. She's between sizes and I haven't switched out the clothes in her drawer that don't fit her anymore with the next size up.

Anyway, I figured it was a nice opportunity for some skin-to-skin cuddling that people say is so beneficial. Except that she didn't like it. Surprisingly, she seemed really uncomfortable and put off by the lack of clothes - like having the fabric touching her everywhere is some kind of grounding sensation that gives her security.

Later when I told Jesse about it he offered to get her a tiny pair of cut-off jean shorts to wear all the time*. That image will keep me laughing until January, I think.

*Arrested Development, anyone?


matt tamura said…
OMG You owe me so big. I remember seeing a nevernude sighting on people of walmart. And I actually just look through 20 pages of People of Walmart to find it for you. MY RETINAS ARE BURNING!


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