This is guest blogger JP dusting off the old brain to give Alexis a much needed respite from her self-imposed November blogfest. How am I doing, you ask? Fine thank you. I'm feel slightly underemployed and a little sad about the gloomy weather, but overall things are pretty good. I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my wife and baby the last three months and I think they are both pretty extraordinary individuals; Alexis because of her tireless care for Miette (she never seems to get bored with her and continues gushing over her throughout the day) and her ability to still take care of me even though she has to work, manage our finances, wash dishes, sleep in sporadic fits every night in between feedings, and pump life-giving serum from her mammaries several times a day. Miette is extraordinary simply because her organs continue to function and her body doesn't disintegrate. So we have a lot to be thankful for and we will prove it to the world in 12 days by glutting ourselves on large birds who sneer at the plight of chickens all year long until November when we round them all up and stuff bread up their butts. Happy Thanksgiving.


matt said…
Thank you guest blogger, but please, no more days off Alexis. That was awkward.

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