Best Job Ever

Tonight I worked at a party with my friend Sammy. Our friend Liz's husband was hosting a work-related gathering and they needed a few people with OLCC cards to serve wine and beer. We got there a tad early to get our bearings, then spent a few hours watching politicians and other movers and shakers mingle, network, and get a little tipsy. Sammy focused on pouring the wine and I manned the keg and it was all very mellow and easy and fun.

Not expecting to have time or for there to be any food left later on, we took turns crouching in the corner with hidden small plates of the catered food jamming bites in here and there while we worked. We needn't have worried. As things were winding down the people in charge encouraged us to take more food - which was awesome, and to help ourselves to the cupcakes (from Saint Cupcake!). They paid and tipped us generously and sent us home with 6 cupcakes each, a slew of little sandwiches, and half a bottle of wine. I was also supposed to take home a wheel of brie, but it didn't end up happening. The people hosting the party and the caterers each mentioned calling us again for future events, so we made sure to leave our contact info.

After Sammy drove me home she came up for a little bit to hang out with Jesse and the baby and share that half bottle of wine. Good times. And now it's time for bed.


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