Patriotic Hindsight

This just in: I am currently watching Stephen Colbert shave Woody Harrelson's head while the two of them sing a soulful, harmonized rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. Absolutely stirring.

While I looked up the correct spelling of The Star-Spangled Banner (because I wasn't sure if I should include a dash) I glanced over the Wikipedia entry about the song. The original poem was written by Francis Scott Key after seeing the attack on Fort McHenry. When Jesse and I took a trip to the East Coast last May we almost went to Fort McHenry - we passed within about a mile of it. I now understand that it would have been a pretty cool thing to do. But on the day we could have gone I was busy having a pregnant-woman-emotional-breakdown and was not interested. To be fair I was also concerned about running out of gas and missing our flight. That aside: Jesse, I'm sorry we had to miss that. My bad.


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