Button Pusher

This morning at church I was helping out with the soundboard and ended up staying up in the balcony through the whole service. When the time came for the sermon to start, Jesse came up to keep me company. As the pastor went up to the pulpit and got started, I noticed the projector screen slowly unfurling on the back wall. "Oh!" I thought to myself, "They must be starting to use powerpoint or something..." About 15 minutes later I realized the screen wasn't being used for anything. I turned to mention it to Jesse and noticed some buttons about knee height in front of him - one had an up arrow, one said stop, and one had a down arrow.

After the service I went ahead and pressed the up arrow and put the screen away. Oops.


amandaleigh said…
i was wondering why that happened...i was waiting for a movie example during the sermon :)

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