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Sara and I are getting ready to start a new site all about multi-family living*: the benefits, the systems, the pitfalls, the bitter tears and maniacal laughter, the places you can hide your dirty socks, etc.

Right now we are trying to settle on a name. We had a bunch of great ideas but then found out those names were already taken. So, over on the right you'll see the ones we have left. If you have any ideas of your own, please leave a comment!

Thanks for your help!

*I know we kind of said we were going to do that before and it turned into a casual, occasionally updated family/group blog. This is different. I promise.


Unknown said…
I chose "multi-family circus", but only if you have a cartoon with each post.

How about "If a bunch of hippies can do it, we can too"?
Alexis said…
Alright, we're looking for a cartoonist. And great title idea, we'll look into it!

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