I Am Dumb

On Tuesday I went to the doctor to check on some unusual moles. My most persistent fear is that I have cancer, and I've been putting off this check-up for a while, so last week I finally called to make the appointment.

It was at 11:00am and I had coordinated schedules with Jesse to make sure he was home. When I got there and gave my name to the receptionist she told me the appointment had actually been for 10:10, and I had missed it.
"Oh no, I'm sorry, I must have written it down wrong!" I replied as we tried to find an alternate date to reschedule on.
Glancing at my planner I saw, written clearly in black ink: Dr. appt. 10:10.
Apparently I read that multiple times and interpreted it to mean 11:00.

So the jury's still out on the skin cancer thing, but brain cancer is a new contender.

I came home and greeted Jesse with a senseless little ditty:
"Moronical, moronical
They call me Babs McGonigal!"


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