Back Home

We’re back on the home front, now. The trip was wonderful in so many ways, but we’re still recovering, I think.

To be honest I struggled a bit with guilt over going on this vacation on the first place. It was a pretty spontaneous decision a few weeks ago after various circumstances (cheap plane tickets, a big tax refund, my sister’s vacation buddy plans falling through, Jesse’s boss giving him permission) aligned in a very encouraging manner. But the next week we ended up needing a lot of work done on the car, and the finality of buying plane tickets morphed into some sort of buyer’s remorse in my mind.

I was excited, of course, just a little sheepish – mentally listing all of the ways that a spur of the moment trip to Maui was not a very practical decision.

Looking back, though, I don’t regret it at all and I’m so thankful that we were able to take this trip. My grandparents very generously let us use their condo and car there, and my sister was a constant on-call baby-watcher and extra pair of hands. Plus, since Jesse was still working a lot of the time, Kerri and I (and Kelsey for two days) got to do lots of fun girl stuff together.

Balancing practicality with a sometimes frivolous sense of adventure will probably always be a bit of a challenge, but this time I think it was definitely worth it to take the plunge.

Our own little bearded lady.


Happy Mother's day, lil' mamma :)

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