Basic Update

Life here just keeps bumping along, and it continues to amaze me how fast the days turn to weeks turn to months. Never has a winter passed so quickly.

Miette doesn't have any new tricks to speak of, and has continued to be irritable lately due to yet another cold and several new teeth! Her very first tooth broke through in Hawaii, and another one appeared a few days ago. From the looks of things she'll have at least a few more before the month is out. Bring on the drool!

Sara and I have drawn up a plan for a six-week Health & Fitness Binge. This is Week 1, and it's going well. She's been really intense about things, but I've held back on the exercise because I've been sick all week. Next week, though, I expect to attempt REAL exercise for the first time in a long while.

We have also been working on a new project that we're very excited about and plan to share with you soon.

I'll leave you with two recent quotes from spousal conversations:

"In spite of all your faults, I think we're really happy together."

"I think you should really spend some time working through our differences."


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