In Honor of Uncle Kurt

Jesse's uncle just retired from his job at the water bureau and we all celebrated by having dinner together this weekend. Jesse and Sara wrote some fun limericks to honor him, here are Jesse's:

His office felt just like a barrel
His job was getting quite sterile
So he cut all his losses
Said bye to his bosses
Though now he’ll take orders from Carol*

*Kurt's wife

From roughly the age of zero
He served at the water bureau
But it’s time for retirement
So screw the environment
Go find a new civic hero

There once was a restauranteur
Of food quite a connoisseur
But his pipes they did leach
So Kurt came to preach
Your water and food must be pure

Poseidon is lord of the sea
A rain god might help you grow wheat
But as for the water
You’d serve to your daughter
Look no further than good old Kurt P.


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