Saturday Song Suggestion

Today I woke up with all the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. I know, you didn't ask, but it's the truth. Problem was, we were supposed to go work on a farm today because it's part of the deal with our CSA subscription - a thing where we pay a fee and work a few days and get a bag of produce every week all summer long.

Anyway, I called the doctor and we packed up our lunch and work clothes and the baby and headed out. I chugged 32oz. of pure cranberry juice and tons of water and we planted and hoed and spread manure. Miette coped pretty well and even took a nap, so it turned out to be a lovely, tiring day, and I'm feeling much better now.

So now, after all of that time weeding the potato patch, I feel the most appropriate song for the day is This Land Is Your Land. Enjoy.


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