The Health Binge

Back in February, Sara and I embarked on a perilous journey we like to call the Fat Flush Fiasco. Actually, I just made that up. But she read this book called the Fat Flush Plan and we decided to give it a whirl for two weeks. We learned a lot, but it kind of sucked.
At the time I was still breastfeeding, so that made things more complicated and I wasn't really into it, except to support Sara and for the sheer novelty of it.

Now, however, summer is fast approaching and we've been feeling the desire to increase our fitness level and see what we can't do to tone and firm things up a bit around here.

Enter our 6-week Health Binge. We laid out some goals and guidelines that are much more moderate than what we tried in February, and so far it's going well. For Sara, that is.
In the first week she exercised like a madwoman and lost 3 pounds.
I have either gained or lost 1.5 lbs - inconclusive lab results. Neither of us felt particularly deprived on the eating end of things, although I fell off the wagon about 4 times. (Sara stuck with the plan.)

At any rate, I'm over my cold and ready to dive into Week 2 with much more vigor. If only I can fight the Rocky Road that's calling my name...


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