Whoops, Almost Forgot To Blog

Yeah, this November daily blogging habit can be annoying. Anyway, last night I was chewing some gum when there was a loud crunch. 2 seconds later, I pulled out a piece of a molar (actually just part of a filling). Some inspection in the mirror revealed a large hole near the back of my mouth, but thankfully there was no pain, just a little sensitivity. This morning I placed a number of calls and got the estimated tooth-fixing time down from 3 weeks to this afternoon. They only did a temporary filling today, and it tastes like cloves. The lady who did the work told me the material contains a lot of clove oil. Who knew? One great thing about temporary fillings is that there was no pain - no needles, no drilling, no anesthesia. Yay!

In other news, my mom is in town for a couple of days and Jesse is going to help slaughter some cows in the morning.

So, um, enjoy your weekend!


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