This Morning

This morning I found myself alone in the house with Miette - a fairly rare occurrence. I needed both a shower and blog material, and my subconscious decided to meet both needs simultaneously by tossing up the suggestion that I attempt to shower with Miette.

the last time I tried this, I realize I should have known better, but I figured it might go differently this time since she's a little older. The shower didn't work out very well, but I successfully got my hair washed and nobody was injured. I decided to reward Miette with a proper bath of her own, mainly because it would be fun for her and keep her occupied while I dried my hair, etc.

I hadn't even turned the faucet off yet when she assumed a telltale crouch and a hideous bloom of poop filled the bathwater. I tried not to panic as I pulled her out and rinsed her off, but it was disgusting and we were both wet and naked. After I got us dressed, I set to work cleaning out the tub, transferring substances to the toilet as necessary. Halfway through, I turned just in time to see that Miette had wandered into the bathroom and was at that moment dropping a pair of my underwear into the toilet.

Ahhh, toddlers. What will they think of next?


little fpa said…
i am so glad i rediscovered your blog. this is outstanding.

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