We drove up to Seattle this afternoon through the snow. It seemed pretty bad in the middle of the trip, but there's nothing to show for it up here. Maybe it will snow tonight, though.

In response to yesterday's post, my friend Sunny reminded me of the time we went running late at night and
came across a hedgehog. We saw a hedgehog or two during a different running excursion and that time we were assaulted by a laser beam coming from a window about 12 stories up in a neighboring apartment building. The laser followed us around the track, and I have to admit it was pretty creepy - it was really dark and we couldn't identify our assailant so our imaginations ran a bit wild. We ended up leaving the field after dodging the little red light and trying to hide from it without success. It was probably just some young kid trying to pass the time, and I hope he had fun, because we quite enjoyed telling the story.


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