So Much For Kissing Cousins

About a month ago Miette started roaming the house declaring, "Bappy! Boppy!" At the time it was unclear whether she was trying to say baby, Bubba, or just make noise. But right around then, Calvin started calling her Boppy. So every morning, and every afternoon when he wakes up from his nap, he starts asking after Boppy. "Boppy? Boppy! BOOOOPPPPPPPPYYYYYYY!" Some days it's more urgent than others. Invariably, she is still sleeping, so when I do finally head upstairs to get her a little later, he often runs to the bottom of the stairs to wait for us. Pretty cute. Usually they have at least a brief joyful reunion before going separate ways or butting heads.

(Calvin also started calling me Lala - something my youngest brother called me before he could pronounce my name. He likes to say it 10 or 11 times in a row while I alternate my responses "Yes?" "Hello" "Hi!" "Yep, that's me" until he gets bored.)

Another thing they've started to do is let out occasional ear-splitting shrieks at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's even better when they team up for a sort of call and response from hell.

Miette continues to give kisses fairly liberally, but I'm told that last week when Jesse's dad was babysitting she showed some discrimination. She gave Tim and Sara goodnight kisses, but when asked if she'd like to kiss Calvin she violently declined.


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