What's The Point?

This post is part of Multi Family Living Mondays, a series of articles on co-housing and multi-family living.

I've spent the last several multi-family living posts focusing on a few specific concerns that were raised after my guest post about co-housing went up. Since then, I've done some further thinking about the purpose of writing about shared housing and all that goes with it here, on my otherwise personal and topically random blog. And it's not really because there's a huge group of people out there wanting to know more, or because I want that to become my primary focus, or because I want everyone I know to try combining households with someone else in some crazed mass social experiment.

It is because in our almost-one-year of living together, all four of the adults in our house have grown and changed and been challenged quite a bit by our unusual circumstance, and writing about some of that here is a way of remembering all that we have learned. Another reason is that there are others out there in similar situations - some by choice, but many by necessity. And I can only imagine that it's harder when it's by necessity than when you've made the choice more or less freely. Even though there are nearly infinite flavors of shared housing and combined household configurations, I bet there are some similar issues that come up again and again even for very different people. So this is a place for me to explore some of that, and hopefully serve as a (small) resource for people who are looking for encouragement, ideas, or conversation.

Speaking of resources, a recent comment led me to discover this website, which I have only partially explored, but it has a lot more content about this subject than I have put up so far, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to check it out!


cathy said…
can you tell me how you budget/share/pay for the grocery expenses, especially as one family may want grocery items that the other would not. We are planning on co-sharing our house in the very near future due to health reasons of another family member.

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