Weekend #2

Before my sister headed across the mountains to start school again, my dad wanted us to get together for some coffee and a 'progressive draw' - one of his favorite pastimes. Basically, everyone starts doodling on a napkin and every few minutes you pass yours along to the next person and start on the one that came to you. The napkins go around in circles and the drawings evolve. It's kinda strange, but still fun.

Later that day I got to see Sunny and Allison one last time before Al headed back to Rijeka, where she is now. It was good to see you, Allison! I miss you.

After that I got in the car and headed south. There are quite a few people in Portland I would like to see (especially Taylor and Andy! It's been too long.), but this time around I got to hang out with Matt and Krista, and Tim and Sara and Jesse. While I was down there I went to go see Once. It was great, you should see it too.


Unknown said…
oh, those are those clouds, huh? That turned out better than I thought.

"oh" wasn't really the exclamation I was going for there, but I ran into a problem that seems to come up often. How do you spell out the sound you would make when you have a sudden realization about something? It's basically the vowel sound at the end of the word, "stew" and would be used by children in such phrases as "ew, I know the answer!" or "ew, pick me, pick me!"
Unknown said…
I hope I make it on one of your "people to visit in Portland" lists....
Unknown said…
i've seen once thrice in the theaters! and we have the record. i like it.
Alexis said…
Jesse- I think 'ooh' might be what you're going for, and that picture was the second one, avec tes lunettes solaires.

Matt- Certainly, without a doubt.

Jesse and Matt- Do either one of you know a Leslie Dieterle? She went to OSU, is on staff in Seattle, and lives with one of my friends. I was with her on Friday and we talked about how great Portland is.

Alison- YES!! So, good, isn't it?

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