The first weekend I was home, my dad and brother and I went camping in the rain. It was great to get out in the woods and be reminded of what I love about the Pacific Northwest. Sunny loves riding in the car and was excited to come with us.

As soon as we got off the trail, Sunny headed straight for the lake...and the mud.

Tobin spent some time creating a dog bed fit for royalty.

The view.

Nature time.

Dad looks surprised by something.

Not too bad for a dark and stormy night.

Packing up and heading home.


lj said…
it was so good seeing you :)
Tomye said…
Camping looked fun! I have a blog now, by the way!

Hope you are well!
Krista said…
Hurray! I'm getting my Alexis blog fill again. I read all your posts, hope there have been better days at work. Call me sometime. Life is gravitating back to normal. Sorry I was tired when you visited. I was very thankful you came. Hope we can hang out again sometime.
Alexis said…
Yeah, Krista, we will have to talk soon. Work is getting better, along with life in general. I had a good time with you guys, I was feeling tired and weird myself, so no worries about your tiredness. I'm planning to come to Portland for that post-Stint powwow thing on Oct. 27th, but maybe before then? We'll see... Besides, you're not even in Portland. You're in Washington.

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